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The Thin Line between Sanity and Insanity

yes i'm back in blaaaaack!
Well, I'm just back...
I don't post much, I know, so stfu:P
I'll just post random things every now and then. When I feel like it...if I feel like it, so get off my back!
Current obsession:
Gundam 00
Betrayal knows my name

Yeah,, go figure, anime...

veering off the road...
I haven posted in such a long time, for a number of reasons which I'm not going to mention now, since I'm at work at the moment.
In summary: I've veered off the road again,,,
Everytime that happens I feel like I drift even further away, it's so hard to get back,, I'm so tired.

I have to hang in there.
Posting here helps, it gives the illusion of people reading ur thoughts, refreshing in a way...

I'll be posting when I get back home, elaborating on the reasons of the "not posting since whenever" thing...


yeah, i'm kindda excited, a LOT, about a number of things:
2 - Tomorrow's SPN epi "In the END", kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
3 - doing nothinggggggg, heehee, muahahahahaHAHAHA

anyhow, those of you non-existing readers (except jaylan121, u ROCK!!) who are SPN-fanatics (like urs trully) enjoy this video, and those who rn't fans, tutt tutt, shame on u, and watch this as well so u would earn my forgiveness (and maybe get infected by the SPN-virus)

All credit goes to AreYouWatchingSN channel!


"Sam. My heart breaks for you." ~Lucifer
*heaves a huge sigh*, I miss the old SPN, well, kind of..since in all its weirdness, this epi rocked!
This post is shorter than the last two, i'm just tired, and i'm the only one reading this, i know...:P
and since i know i dont do the episode justice, go read this post, like i said before, this site is NC-17, tread at ur own risk.

5x03 - Free to be You and Me

^Sammy (*no comment*)

-There was so much pretty in this episode, i didn't know where to look, Pretteh!!!
-Dean's ~" Last time you zapped me someplace, I didn’t poop for a week." O.o
-Dean fixing Castiel up. ("Also, FBI" loooooooooooooool)
-Castiel's look on his face in the club (priceless)
-Sam kissing Jessifer, woah!! loool
-Sammy crying, ohsh!t!! (Dean's Glory Tear has a rival) ("I don't want anything from you"~Sam, killed me)

-nosy waitress, thank God that particular scene was cut.
-Dean and Castiel was funny, but i liked it when he would just pop up every now and then
-Dean taking Castiel to that club was too much for me (corrupting an angel, just doesn't seem right, or funny)
-Castiel drinking beer (disturbing in a way)
-the hunters, damn them!! (let go of Sammich!)
-for the first time in the history of the show, the brothers didn't share any screen time.......

so and so

btw, i think almost everyone, at one time, thought that there is going to be a final showdown between the bros, some thought that the showdown was fulfilled in 4x21 "when the Levee Breaks".
Sam being Lucifer's vessel was predictable, but i thought most of us (like me) thought that this wont be the case ever since we heard news about the show casting an actor for Lucifer.
I knew it!!
excited and nervous for the boys ;D

Is it Fall already?

I mean, srsly, the sun wasn't even up when i started my drive to work this morning (it was 0550). shucks, srsly, most people are asleep at that time of day, or still getting their lazy a$$es outta bed, or hitting the snooze button, but me? Noooooo....

Guess i'm just tired, it being the middle of the week and all.
In the UAE, our week starts Sundays, with the weekend falling on Thursday, and Friday, just thought you ought to know;)

Morning Drive...
I live in the UAE, and lately, the weather has been kindda weird.
Earlier this year, i think April, we had rain...not drizzle, but full on thunderstorms and heavy-downpour for almost a week.
I know we have one the highest CO2 imprint (is that what it is called?) in the world, and it's sad...
and my 40min drive to and fro work 5 days a week doesn't help the environment one tiny bit....*feels guilty*

The below picture was taken at 0620am while driving down the emirates road.
BTW, i do NOT condone the use of your cellphone from inside the car, but the road (as u can see) is deserted this time of day.... *fidgety...*

^I dont think it shows, but it was foggy, but the fog didn't descend
It looked mighty creepy...

^Burj Dubai struck by lightning
(April, 2009)


"No, he's not on any flatbread" ~Castiel

5x02 - Good God Y'All

**Parting of the ways.

Classic Epi, reminded me of Croatoan (sp?) of season 2.

Pros: (might be sad moments, i'm a sucker for angst)
- Castiel's "Keep your opinions to urself" (brrrr, cold)
- The song that was playing when they entered the town, Spirit In the Sky ( by Norman Greenbaum), creepy in a good way.
- Ellen splashing holy-water in Dean's face, then hugging him, then slapping him. (LoooOoooL, why is it ALWAYS him?)
- Demonic eyes
- Rufus Scrimgeour Turner (Mr. X)!!!
- the sitting beside each other
- the SHOVE!!! (Sammy u bad bad bad boy)
- War, luv him, very cool, (*his Ford Mustang is hott*)
- me being confused (for once, i felt completely and utterly baffled, amazing plot)

- Parting of the Ways...*sniff*
- ....can't think of anything


caps from http://caps.oxoniensis.org/

double posted.
I did the earlier one and pressed <backspace> on the address whatsits and i thought the post disappeared.
but anyhow, i like the newer post, but i'm keeping a old,
it's pretty<333

"Cram it with walnuts, ugly" ~Dean

How awesome is Supernatural this season??
no really?
GTFO! srsly
total WINNN!

I'm gonna be posting "pic of the week" concerning each epi of SPN of s5, and since i'm two epis behind, here goes:

5x01 - Sympathy for the Devil

**Sammy, <sigh>, poor Sammy. The puppy-eyes look was epic. S1+S2 all over again (minus the bangs)

The epi was explosive! After it finshed, my sis and I sat stunned for a while, and decided we needed time before continuing on to the second epi (we saved them for Eid Eve :)).
- Opening title (bloody!!!~~ "in luuuv")
- Molar in Chuck's hair (he needs a hug)
- Lucifer actor is awesome (Mark Pallegrino)
- SPN fan writing wincest (~to Dean~~"You're...not exactly what i pictured"~~~ Lol Sammy!Girl alert)
- Bobby being rude to Sammy (NOT, he's possessed, didnt see that one coming, ouch)
- Dean's Michael's Vessel ("Angel-condom", oh dean *shakes head*)
- Zachariah u a-hole!! ("no lungs", "stage four stomach cancer", sheesh)
- Cas kick their asses!! (Woohoo!!)
- Dean's "You chose a bitch dead-pieace-of-lame-ass demon over your own brother" 

- Dean being kindda mean to Sammy
- Bobby telling Sam off (even if it wasn't him, but still)
- Meg (the actor had a srs prunuciation problem)
- Zachariah (GTFO, Srs, no really , GTFO)
- saaaaad, (*my lips were trembling the entire time*)


caps from http://caps.oxoniensis.org/

(no subject)

How awesome is Supernatural this season?
Saw the first two epis back-to-back on Eid's Eve. It was....aahhhhaha, no words...speechless..

  • 5x01 - Sympathy for the Devil
  • #Luciferiscoming ,,nooo,,,#luciferishere!!
  • Waaa, the title!!
  • Molar in Chuck's hair! *hugging him*
  • Dean sending Zachariah away was brilliant!
  • The SPN fan Becky writing Slash/Wincest fic, LooooOooooL, Kripke'd!!
  • Becky (glancing Dean): "and you're...not what i pictured", looool, Sam!girl
  • Bobby being rude to Sammy?, NOT, he's possessed!!
  • Did i mention Sammy's puppy eyes look (S1, S2 Sammy, missed ya, where were u?)
>>Baka's favorite, she almost died...
  • Meg-actress had a prunuciation problem (just saying), what's with all the baby talk?
  • Dean's "ThankGod, the Angels are here", LoooL, he just wont give it up!
  • Cas Kicking major angel-ass!
  • Lucifer gets his vessels consent.<eep
  • Dean's: "You chose a bitch demon over your own brother."


5x02 - Good God Y'All!

  • Castiel's "Keep you opinions to yourself", sent chills down my spine, and sharply reminded me of S4's "You should show me some respect". I keep forgetting that he's hundereds maybe thousands of years old. *shrugs*
  • Bobby in a wheelchair :'( , still a bad ass though: "when you see God, tell him to send legs!" loool
  • Ellen! ("U better put me on speed-dial boy!") <3
  • Seeing the two of them sitting beside each other :') <3<3
  • 1965 Crammer Mustang -cherry red- yummy

  • Parting of the ways. It was sad seeing them parting, even though this time it was much peaceful, but still...*sniff*


  • Sam faintly touching the impala


 all caps from http://caps.oxoniensis.org/

however,,,,,,,, I do have mixed feelings about how Dean treated Sam, jumbled up feelings. And cuz i suck at coming up with anything smart to say, i'll just send u to this site (brilliant site, but be careful, NC-17 only, I warned you!!):
The Road so far: 5x01, 5x02, by A-jizzle.


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